May 5  Krems - Austria

Donau Festival
w/ Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Tony Conrad and Edward O’Dowd
Hunx and His Punx
Hercules and Love Affair
Dolce After Ghana


May 15th  Lyon - France

Nuits Sonores
Place de la Bourse – Lyon 2e
In collaboration with Pop Montréal Festival
w/ We Are Wolves and Gambletron 
5 PM - 8 PM


??  it’s getting a little foggy


April 8 Sonoma
lecture in the afternoon, party at nite
sonoma university

April 9 Los Angeles
w/ We Float @ The Silverlake Lounge

April 10 San Francisco 
@ The Stud

April 11 San Francisco
GLBT Historical Society reception and nitetime Lynne T DJ gig @ Hotpants

Getting to Know We Know You Know with Lesbians on Ecstasy

Thirty years ago Olivia Records released Lesbian Concentrate, rumored to be the first album ever released with the word "lesbian" in the title. Recently, the Lesbians On Ecstasy released the album We KnowYou Know, an electropunk, neofolk masterpiece that puts Lesbian Concentrate into the blender to whip up second wave feminism and womyn's music into dancable, contemporary fierceness. Come meet theband, all the way here from Montreal, and give a listen to their unique take on intergenerational retrospection!

At the GLBTHistorical Society, free, and open to all.
April 19
Montreal @ Les Saints
w/ Mixel Pixel +Thundrah
sound istalations by random creature generator (between bands)
after party dj Mary Hell

As part of the festival "Les Femmes S'en Melent" - http://www.lfsm.net/

April 24
F-Saint Etienne @ Le Fil
w/ Gore Gore Girls

April 25
F-Paris @ Le Trabendo
w/ Duchess Says + Robots in Disguise

April 26
F-Saint-Lo @Le Normandy
w/ Duchess Says + Robots in Disguise

April 27
F-Clermont Ferrand @ La Coopérative de Mai
w/ Les France Cartigny + Go! Team + Guest

April 28
F-Toulouse @ Le Kléo
w/ Duchess Says

April 29
F-Marseille @ Le Cabaret Aléatoire
w/ Duchess Says


April 30
CH-Bern - DJ Gig

Mai 1
CH-Geneva @ L'Etage

Mai 2
CH-Lausanne @ Le Romandie

Mai 3
A-Linz @ Kapu

Mai 4
CZ-Praha (tba)

Mai 5
DE-Berlin- Festaal Kreuzberg

Mai 6
DK-Kopenhagen @ Loppen

Mai 7
SE-Malmö @ Bodoni

Mai 8
DE-Hamburg @ Headcrash

Mai 9
DE-Köln @ Tsunami Club

Mai 10
DE-München @ Registatur

remixes by Scottie B and Tittsworth coming out Spring 2008

we'll see you there, right???? <♥>

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