Lesbians on Ecstasy
Released 2004
Alien8 Recordings

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Since their inception two years ago Montreal band, Lesbians on Ecstasy have been tearing up the continent with their slamming live shows. They spent much of last year touring with Le Tigre and they are currently overseas bringing their unique brand of dance music to European audiences.

Lesbians on Ecstasy hijack the back catalogue of popular lesbian anthems, dragging them kicking and screaming out of the folk festivals and onto the drugged-up revelry of the dance floor. They pillage shamelessly from the likes of Tracy Chapman and Melissa Etheridge, juxtaposing them against Tribe8, Team Dresch, Indigo Girls and other lesbian classics. Lesbians on Ecstasy don’t sample these artists, but cheekily reference their themes and lyrics, creating booty shaking dance hits that maintain a politically infused edge.

The band is fronted by the ever loveable Fruity Frankie on vocals. Bernie Bankrupt supplies the samples, laptop noodling and keyboard lines, while Véronique Mystique rocks the monster bass. Jackie the Jackhammer brings the beats on electronic drum pads and live drums. They make for a formidable live unit and have quickly built up a reputation as a party band that delivers the goods.

The musical landscape covered on this debut is vast. Styles range from electro punk to hard techno and straight-up pop. Standout tracks include the R’n B influenced “Summer Luv,”; “The Pleasure Principal” in which Lesbians on Ecstasy wink at the Rough Trade classic “High School Confidential,” making a hard techno track laced with some serious metal riffage; and “Kondstandt Krøving” in which K.D. Lang’s classic is transformed into an industrial dance number, rendering it completely unrecognizable from the original and brilliantly subverting it into an anti-consumerist rant.

In addition to performing with Le Tigre, Lesbians on Ecstasy have also performed alongside Chinese Stars, King Cobra, label mates Les Georges Leningrad, Tracy and the Plastics, Kids on T.V. and others.

Album art by Gwenael Rattke

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