Lesbians on ecstasy

The Lezzies On X are a plunder music project, taking
inspiration from the lesbian back catalogue by
referencing folk artists and punk bands alike,
re-writing lesbian history for the dance floor. They
use the source material in a musical collage that
re-creates a wide spectrum of musical styles – all
within the dance genre. One of their obsessions has
been to develop their own way of playing live dance
music, using an electronic drum kit, bass guitar and
an array of synths. The insistence on such a strong
technological presence in their music serves to
highlight the absence of technology in the majority of
lesbian music, which privileges acoustic sound as
authentic lesbian expression.

Their latest work maintains the same concept, but goes
deeper into the lesbian vaults. The new recordings are
focused on womyn’s music from the 70s, in both content
and style. They are using this as an opportunity to
explore the idealism and optimism present in early
feminist theory and music and examine the ways in
which these themes have disintegrated today.