Giggles in the Dark

Released 2005
Alien8 Recordings

“Gluteal Arrest” is a physical ailment which has spread rapidly throughout dance floors, school gymnasiums, soccer fields and living rooms worldwide. If gone untreated, it can lead to lower body paralysis, chronic arm crossing and excessive pouting. This irritating condition was thought to be incurable until now. Dr. Fruity Frankie, Head Technician Bernie Bankrupt, Low-End Specialist Véronique Mystique and reflexology expert Jackie the Jackhammer have teamed up with an all-star cast of the world’s finest aural surgeons and beat chemists to bring you the cure: “Giggles in the Dark – The Remixes”. Although this remedy has yet to be used on humans, preliminary tests on lemurs have produced encouraging results.

Announcing “Giggles in the Dark” – the Lesbians On Ecstasy remix album. After a year of touring in North America and Europe in support of the debut self-titled album, Lesbians On Ecstasy, the Lezzies’ remix album is guaranteed to keep the party raging. Featuring tracks by le tigre, Tracy and the Plastics, Scream Club, Sean Kosa, 1-Speed Bike, Katastrophe, DJ Aï, Jody Bleyle and Kids On TV.

The album opens with a slamming reworking of “Revolt” by tour mates Le Tigre that features crunchy guitar samples and big bad breakbeats. Olympia-based rap duo Scream Club reinvent “Tell Me Does She Love the Bass”, while Montreal DJ and producer extraordinaire, Sean Kosa, brings a dark and heavy techno vibe to the same track with his “Jealous Mix”. The electro superstar trio of Cola, Nikki and Tracy, better known as Tracy and the Plastics, unite to re-rub “Summer Luv” with some tripped out dancehall percussion. In a postmodern coup, Jody Bleyle, member of Team Dresch and composer of the original track behind “Summer Luv”, remixes the remix, inspiring chants of “pomo homo!” all across the land. Rounding out the line-up are Toronto’s big gay hustlers Kids On TV, France’s insane DJ Aï, San Francisco based heart-throb and hip hop sensation Katastrophe and Montreal’s 1-Speed Bike with his brand of sonic mayhem.

The LP version of this release on coloured vinyl and includes an original fanzine. The CD version comes with an extra remix track by Ssion.

released September 19, 2005

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